Motor Fleet Insurance

C & B Insurance Services Limited have special schemes for insuring private cars, commercial vehicles, minibus’s and some items of plant on motor fleet basis of 3 or more vehicles. This way of insuring multiple vehicles can often work out far cheaper than insuring them on an individual basis.

Apart from savings in premium, another major advantage of Motor Fleet Insurance is ease of administration. As it is only a single policy, accordingly there would only be only one renewal date to remember.

Standard Fleet Insurance policies provide cover for any driver aged over the age of 25 with a full UK licence held for at least two years, but this can be flexible if need be if younger or newer drivers are required. Policyholders must remember that as with personal car insurance, driving convictions and/or claims histories of all drivers must be declared to ensure that the policy is valid and that proper cover is in place.

Additionally, in most cases all drivers are entitled to drive all notified vehicles. Amendments to the fleet such changes of vehicles are simply requested during the course of the policy as and when they arise, and an additional or return premium is payable based on the time remaining on the policy.

Another consideration to bear in mind for businesses is that of risk management procedures to help reduce claims and consequently lower premiums.

Our fleet insurance policies are placed through either Lloyd's or ABI approved insurers and can be arranged for company fleets of all sizes starting from as few as three vehicles. If you are a first time fleet client without an official "claims experience" you can still obtain a competitive premium.

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